Nelmac Delivering Plunket Shield a Top Level Experience

The Saxton Oval is a world class cricket ground and an amazing venue. The people behind the quality of the pitch are the Nelmac Turf Team. Led by the Head Groundsperson, Nick Knight, working through summer to ensure Nelson’s Saxton Oval continues to be a world class cricket venue.

This summer, the Saxton Oval held a four-day plunked shield match, women’s domestic one day fixtures, as well as looking after the grassroots level of the game, with Nelson men’s, women’s and underage representative teams playing at Saxton Oval. Proving once again Saxton Oval is a fantastic facility for all.

The key from the previous season was to improve the quality of the pitch's; bounce, pace, carry and consistency. What a result to have the Plunket Shield player and officials giving us great feedback on the field’s condition!

Match summary “the captains, coaches and umpires all felt this was a very good pitch for PS cricket. It offered something for everyone, those that bowled well were rewarded with pace, bounce, seam movement and spin at appropriate times in the game. Batsmen with application, decent defence and good technique were able to score runs. An excellent game, a credit to Nick for all his hard work.”

Well done to Nick and all the Turf Team for your high quality and attention to detail. Your hard work has certainly been reflected and noticed by players, officials, and supporters.

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