Nelson Utilities

Nelmac is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Nelson City Council's Three Waters network - fresh water supply system, wastewater reticulation systems and storm water networks.

In addition, Nelmac are the approved contractor to undertake all residential, commercial and industrial water connections over 200mm diameter, and one of 3 approved contractors for connections less than 200mm. This includes shut-down planning, disconnection of existing mains, installation of appropriate back flow and metering requirements and provision of emergency supply via water tanker.


  • Proactive operations and maintenance - operating, maintaining, inspecting, cleaning, monitoring, testing and sampling to DWSNZ requirements/resource consent requirements
  • Customer services
  • Service requests - leaks, breaks, overflows, blockages, faults and flooding
  • Monitoring SCADA base station, responding to alarms, investigating faults, upgrading radio networks, programming PLCs and managing the SCADA network
  • 24/7 Duty Officer response
  • Emergency response to extreme events 
  • Project delivery
  • Maintenance and reinstatement of grass areas, paving and hard surface after repairs
  • Grounds and building maintenance


Tel. 0800 635 622 - press '1' for Water

Allan Jones | 021 845 810