New Zealand is blessed with a vast array of native and exotic plant species.


Nelmac’s eco-sourced plant nursery is designed to build plant populations for small to large scale planting projects - producing up to 130,00 - 160,00 plants annually.

We supply quality plants for parks, streetscapes, landscaping and garden projects, as well as for large-scale revegetation, wetland planting or riparian planting.

  • Greenhouse propagation
  • Outdoor propagation
  • Native species specialists
  • Custom orders
  • Expert in pruning and cultivation
  • Consultation and advice
  • Liaising with landscape designers, architects and planting teams

We pride ourselves on excellent quality control, growing most plants from seed at our nursery by propagating them in our glasshouses and raising them to be sun-hardened, ready for planting at the perfect time. When growing plants for specific projects, we try to source seeds and cuttings from near the project area, so that local native plant species are maintained.

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