Sports fields

Kiwis love sport, and need every reason to play more of it.

Well-developed and maintained sports fields make a huge contribution to healthy lifestyles and activity choices and provide opportunities for our communities to come together as participants and spectators to celebrate being active and being outside.


Our team is experienced in installing and maintaining a wide range of amateur and professional sports turf surfaces. From initial preparation to regular mowing and maintenance, as well as turf repairs and renovations, we provide the full scope of services to our local authority clients. We have a range of large-scale mowers and specialist turf management equipment which allows us to take full care of large, multi-use sports grounds.

Our turf specialists work closely with our clients to develop suitable maintenance and renovation strategies, to ensure sports surfaces meet user expectations by being well-prepared and maintained.  We advise on suitable grass type selection for the specific soil and environmental conditions and field use. We recommend and implement annual turf renovation programmes to restore and enhance playing surfaces before each sports season.

  • Weekly (seasonal) cricket wicket preparation for club level cricket
  • Wicket and field preparation for National and International cricket events (including World Cup events) as required (Saxton Oval)
  • Developing fertilising programmes for the various sporting surfaces
  • Fungicide/Insecticide programmes
  • Herbicide programmes (broadleaf weeds)
  • Line marking for the wide variety of sports codes
  • All activities associated for maintaining a Golf Course
  • Goal post installation
  • Fine turf mowing (croquet, golf greens, tees, Saxton Oval and Trafalgar Park)
  • General sports ground mowing utilising a range of equipment such as Toro 580D and Pegasus Mower
  • Preparation of rugby ground (Trafalgar Park) for NPC and International level games
  • Renovation programming and implementation of best industry practises to meet the seasonal requirements of codes (compaction relief, dethatching, sand topdressing etc)
  • Operation of irrigation systems (automatic and travelling irrigators)
  • Grounds open and closure taking climatic weather into account
  • Monthly reporting of works done and alterations required to future programmes
  • Operation of irrigation systems (automatic and travelling irrigators)
  • Liaising with the various sporting codes


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