Tracks and trails

New Zealand is justifiably held in high regard as a place to enjoy relatively easy access to a huge variety of landscapes.

For generations, our wilderness has been made accessible by proactive government policies, social traditions like hunting, hiking and fishing, and a plethora of community organisations that promote and support healthy outdoor lifestyles.


Nelmac Kūmānu have been implementing tracks and trails for a variety of local and national stakeholders for over 20 years. In that time, we have built a track deployment programme based on multi-landscape expertise and hard-won experience from often challenging terrains, delivering world class track experiences.

We are known for creating multi-user link tracks and trails equally suitable for walkers, runners and mountain bikers. We utilise heavy machinery and tools to optimise terrain conversion and minimise the impact of construction work on the environment.

Given our base in Nelson Tasman, we specialise in the delivery of mountain bike trails to gold class standard.

  • Concept design & trail line identification
  • Trail/pathway cutting, forming, surfacing and related earthworks
  • Vegetation/tree removal, revegetation, weed control and remediation of edges
  • Construction/installation of rock retaining walls, swales, culverts, stone cutouts, etc.
  • Blasting (e.g for rock clearing or stump removal)
  • Sourcing natural materials and crushing gravel onsite
  • Implementing drainage, sediment control, etc. for water management
  • Working in ecologically/culturally-sensitive areas and challenging terrain/weather
  • Installing bridges, solar power systems and lighting, in collaboration with subcontractors if required
  • Helicopter operations (such as graveling, sling loads)
  • Project-lead/management
  • Resource and building consent process
  • Contractor liaison
  • Stakeholder management and communication


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