Nelmac Kūmānu is committed to integrated IT technology solutions that drive the highest level of service delivery.

Empowering Digital Transformation with a Cloud-First Strategy

At Nelmac Kūmānu, we embrace a forward-looking IT strategy built on six core pillars that drive our digital transformation journey, paving the way for future success. Our approach prioritises a "Cloud First" mindset, enhancing scalability and reducing infrastructure costs, while ensuring seamless productivity from anywhere with a focus on mobility. Through automation, we streamline processes for optimal efficiency, while leveraging data analytics to gain valuable insights. Our robust management systems maintain system integrity, and collaboration fosters innovation and growth within our organisation.

Cloud-First Approach

Our commitment to a "Cloud First" approach prioritises cloud-based services and infrastructure, enhancing scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Where feasible, we utilise applications and data to the cloud, ensuring robust security measures and compliance while harnessing the full potential of cloud resources. This guiding principle reflects in our adoption and advancement of key services such as Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Business Central, Intune, and Snowflake.

Empowering Mobility

Enabling mobility is central to our strategy, providing employees with the tools and technology to work efficiently from anywhere, on any device. We deploy mobile-friendly applications, ensure data security, and optimise user experiences for remote and mobile work. Our ongoing investments in new hardware and connectivity solutions like Starlink demonstrate our commitment to a mobile workforce, ensuring seamless access to critical resources without compromising on security or connectivity.

Streamlined Operations Through Technology

We streamline operations and tasks through technology, identifying and eliminating repetitive and time-consuming processes. Our initiatives include implementing middleware solutions and integrating systems to reduce manual efforts and enhance overall efficiency. Examples of our streamlined operations include our Solar Workplace, ArcGIS, and vWork solutions.

Data and Analytics Excellence

Leveraging data and analytics is key to making informed decisions and driving business improvements. Our comprehensive approach includes data governance, data warehousing, and advanced analytics techniques to extract valuable insights. By adopting APIs and embracing a comprehensive data ecosystem, including Snowflake, FME, and other tools, we empower our organisation to harness insights from operational and financial systems, enabling well-informed decision-making across the business.

Effective Management Systems

We adopt best practices and tools for effective management of IT assets, projects, and operations. This includes IT service management (ITSM) solutions, project management methodologies, and resource allocation practices. Our suite of solutions such as the Office 365 suite and Business Central ensures efficient management and optimisation of resources.

Innovative Information Architecture

Thinking outside the box, we embrace innovative technologies such as IoT and drone operations, enhancing our information architecture and capabilities. These technologies enable us to push the boundaries of what's possible and deliver exceptional value to our customers.