Nelmac is committed to integrated IT technology solutions that drive the highest level of service delivery.

A systematic approach

Nelmac’s technology capabilities are underpinned by a deep commitment to connectivity, client collaboration and data integrity.

Our approach is based on a scaleable and nimble cloud-hosted IT infrastructure to ensure the highest levels of data integrity and security.

We are also exploring emerging low cost/low power operational monitoring technology - commonly referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’. Given the demands of work programmes within natural environments and in a variety of conditions our technologies must promote higher availability, minimising disruption to our operational team’s data needs regardless of external factors.

Leveraging this nimble infrastructure, Nelmac enables and manages operations through three notable technologies: Worksmart, EsriGIS and FME.


WorkSmart is a highly custom/scalable service delivery platform, ensuring that day-to-day deployment of reactive/programmed maintenance complies with client KPIs through proof of service.


Nelmac uses the EsriGIS platform to optimise asset management through spatial metrics. This platform collates initial client job input, transforms Nelmac’s operational data capture and presents meaningful information through spatial data representation - real time ‘dashboards’ and ‘storyboards’ replacing static end of the month reports.


Nelmac deploys Middleware technology, known as FME to bridge the data/information gap. FME connects internal/external operating systems and databases or applications. Middleware technology is designed to provide business flexibility and allow for future data and system manoeuvrability. 

Active management

Data and system manoeuvrability allows Nelmac to connect desired data formats for import/analysis with client need fulfilment requirements.

At Nelmac, we access accurate information, in the right place and at the right time to ensure active management of client assets, in a safe and secure fashion.

Technology outcomes

  • Certainty and proof of service
  • Improved efficiency
  • Better work flow design
  • Improved safety in field
  • Better, more timely data to client
  • Improved in-field data capture
  • Limited administration intervention
  • High quality real-time data