Wetland restoration

Long-maligned and mistreated, New Zealand’s wetlands are now widely understood as highly valuable environments that offer an array of benefits over and above their natural beauty.

Wetland’s trap sediment and soils, filter out nutrients and remove contaminants; reduce flooding consequences and protect coastal land from storm surge. They also help maintain water tables and return nitrogen to the atmosphere.


Across a range of projects, Nelmac Kūmānu have implemented wetland restoration solutions extensively and intensively.

  • Plant identification and vegetation mapping
  • Restoration planting plans for dune, back dune, estuarine margins and intertidal zones
  • Seasonal migratory bird monitoring programmes
  • Stakeholder consultation process for significant location identification
  • Monitoring wetland condition including vegetation ordinations, soil assessments and hydrological monitoring
  • Wetland delineation for riverine and palustrine wetlands
  • Develop constructed wetland planting designs for eutrophic systems
  • Eco-sourced plants


Warren McLean

wmclean@kumanuenviro.co.nz | 027 246 6671