New Zealander’s are more aware than ever of the need to minimise waste volumes and to sustainably manage the waste we do produce.

There are enormous challenges to face in this area. Global production systems focused on consumption-centric models have led to a proliferation of waste streams that at times threaten to overwhelm waste management systems worldwide.

Refuse management, recycling strategies and operations are getting better all the time. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to the need to move away from unsustainable waste disposal activity to choices that optimise resource reclamation.

Transforming waste

Nelmac has a long track record managing recycling systems to reduce unsustainable volume loads at waste disposal sites and promote the longer term behaviour changes.

Nelmac is responsible for the collection of residential household recycling throughout Nelson city and district - approximately 22,000 households with a population of 55,000 people.

All recycling is collected and delivered to Smart Environmental - New Zealand’s largest independent waste management contractor responsible for processing recycling materials. Smart Environmental operate 28 Refuse Transfer Stations and 5 Material Recovery Facilities to at least 18 Territorial Authorities.

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