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Not just going with the flow

Project: S::CAN Waste Monitoring System Installation

Date: 2014

Client: Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit (NRSBU)

Location: Nelson


Precise load management is key to efficient and effective sewerage system activity. Accurate and timely load data is crucial to informing a number of important decisions for asset owners, including:

  • Division of load between the high energy activated sludge process and the parallel low energy oxidation ponds.
  • The waste charges applied to the three large traders that represent 40% of load, and to the two Council reticulation networks
  • How to react to load spikes, especially if trade wasters release concentrated waste

Prior to Nelmac’s takeover, previous load measurement practices resulted in inadequate data capture, too-late reporting outcomes and non-optimal performance.


Nelmac proposed the installation of S::CAN optical probes at the WWTP. S::CAN probes ‘fingerprint’ waste streams in real-time and deliver data online about the chemical and biological composition of the flow.

This can be used to:

  • Quantify influent load in real-time and inform decision-making
  • Identify load spikes as they occur allowing for timely response
  • Analyse influent anomalies in retrospect to direct system improvements
  • ‘Finger-print’ individual waste streams to better understand the impact of large trade waste streams

Implementation of S::CAN has helped optimise load management, improved knowledge and coordination around seasonal loads variability and given a tool to analyse load spikes that can be detrimental to the plant.

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