Nelmac’s Nursery produces over 300,000 plants annually for use in revegetation, parks, streetscapes, landscaping and garden projects. Our dedicated plant team specialises in providing great customer service and supplying high quality plants at the best possible prices.

The Nursery has excellent quality control as most plants are grown from seed on the nursery site from propagation in glasshouses to outdoor sun hardened plants. Wherever possible, we source seeds and cuttings from specific areas to ensure consistent native plant species for special projects.

Nelmac has a particular focus on freshwater, riparian and wetland planting and has developed SmartRaft, a floating treatment wetland system.

Nelmac’s goal is to be “a leader on the pathway to sustainability” and recognition for work in this area came at the Southern Region Sustainable Business Network Awards when our nursery arm was awarded a judges’ commendation.