Nelmac is proud to provide asset management and environmental management services across the top half of the South Island. Comprised of five divisions, Nelmac works with communities, businesses, organisations and local and central government, to ensure their built and natural environments are able to perform outstandingly now and in the future.


From Facilities Management and Building Services to Conservation and Ecology, 3 Waters Management, Refuse and Recycling, Landscape Architecture, Greenspaces, Management and Landscape Construction, Nelmac has the knowledge, resources, reputation and skills to deliver long lasting solutions to a wide range of customers throughout the regions we serve. Along with specialist knowledge of Top of the South infrastructure, Nelmac holds significant resources and capability in areas of plant, equipment, health and safety planning, resource management planning and large contract delivery. Together with a skilled and committed workforce, these assets allow the company to successfully manage a wide range of contracts, projects and services. Nelmac’s regional strength, size, and scale provide the flexibility, resources and financial strength to successfully partner with clients to deliver integrated, sustainable and exceptional environmental outcomes.



Nelmac is able to provide total contract solutions and a wide range of maintenance services throughout New Zealand. From strategy and planning through to final delivery and on-going management, this integrated approach increases efficiency, reduces costs and results in high performing environments that work for all who use them.


At Nelmac, we take a long-term view. We conduct business with an aim to ensuring our relationships are long-lasting and mutually beneficial. We manage our operations in a way that protects our communities’ social, cultural, environmental and economic health. Our commitment to internationally-accepted standards of sustainable practice influences and directs every area of our business.


Nelmac views the health and safety of its employees as its number one priority of operations and proactively targets ways to improve performance. Going beyond simply meeting our responsibilities and complying with Health and Safety Legislation, the company is committed to ensuring the health and safety of employees and others wherever teams are working. Every activity and project has an individual site safety plan which identifies hazards and issues that may be present for staff, clients, members of the public and contractors. The company employs a full time health and safety manager whose role is to encourage and support staff in health and safety best practise and who is supported by a full time H & S auditor/administrator. Nelmac further supports a high health and safety focus through the operation of an active Health and Safety Committee made up of both staff and management. This Committee meets monthly to address specific workplace hazards and other relevant issues that may be identified.