Nelmac is located in Nelson, New Zealand and has served local government, businesses, and communities in New Zealand for more than 20 years.

We are proud to provide asset management services across the top of the South Island in the areas of 3 Waters, green spaces, conservation and ecology, facilities management, and building and civil services. Nelmac is wholly New Zealand-owned and employs more than 260 people.

We can design, build, manage, maintain, or repair your infrastructure assets and enhance your natural environments


Nelmac can provide a solution to any project or problem. Whether your project is a one-off piece of work or you need something new or if you want help maintaining a facility for the long term, our team can meet the challenge.

Our strength is that we can deliver an integrated approach within one area of specialisation or we can combine our teams to provide a cross-sector approach for total contract solutions. This integrated approach increases efficiency, reduces costs and results in high performing environments that work for all who use them.

Genuine care in the performance of built and open space assets

Our people are based in the top of the South Island and take pride in managing indoor and outdoor facilities to achieve maximum performance and enjoyment for those who use them.

Vast local knowledge

Nelmac is an essential and established part of the fabric of these communities and the company’s knowledge of local infrastructure, consent issues, bylaws and developments are without equal in the industry. We have had long-term contracts with many of our customers and have seen ecological improvements to our communities and our landscapes through our local involvement.

Geographic capability

We have offices, engineering workshops, carpentry workshops and yards in Nelson (head office plus 8 locations), Marlborough (branch office and yard) and Tasman (Richmond, Motueka, and Takaka). 

A track record of success

Nelmac has earned long-standing customer contracts to manage both premises and outdoor spaces over multiple years. This integrated approach to teams and project delivery means we are delivering results for our customers who continue to choose us at contract renewal.

Skilled workforce

We have skilled teams throughout all of our divisions. We can concentrate on projects with one team or bring several teams together to deliver an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach. We have team members educated in various professions with degrees, certified in project management, licenced in engineering, or certified as ISO operators. Every member of our team has the opportunity for ongoing training and development.









As a company, we care for a wide range of environments, we take care of our people, and we work to ensure positive outcomes for our clients and for the communities we work in and with.

At Nelmac, we conduct business with an aim to ensuring our relationships are long-lasting and mutually beneficial. We manage site operations in a way that protects our communities’ social, cultural, environmental and economic health and our commitment to internationally-accepted standards of sustainable practice influences and directs every area of our business.


The health and safety of our employees is our number one priority. We proactively target ways to improve performance, going beyond meeting our basic responsibilities to comply with legislation. Every activity and project has an individual site safety plan that identifies hazards and issues that may be present for staff, clients, members of the public and contractors.

We employ a full-time health and safety manager whose role is to encourage and support staff in health and safety best practise. Our active Health and Safety Committee includes both staff and management who meet monthly to address specific workplace hazards and other issues that are identified.


Below you’ll find members of our management team. Within each section of our site, you’ll find the key team members within that division.

We can also draw on the skills and resources of a wide range of pre-approved sub-contractors who have been formally vetted for compliance with expected standards of service quality, health and safety practices, insurance, responsiveness and reliability


Senior management

  Lee Babe   Chief Executive

Lee Babe

Chief Executive

  Robyn Curran   Chief Financial Officer

Robyn Curran

Chief Financial Officer

  Gerry French   People Development & Safety Leader

Gerry French

People Development & Safety Leader

  Warren Mclean   Divisional Leader - Environmental Services   

Warren Mclean

Divisional Leader - Environmental Services


  Richard Lester   Divisional Leader - Asset Management

Richard Lester

Divisional Leader - Asset Management

  Belinda Reburn   Divisional Leader - Professional Services and Ecology

Belinda Reburn

Divisional Leader - Professional Services and Ecology

  Mike Orchard   Divisional Leader - Green Spaces

Mike Orchard

Divisional Leader - Green Spaces