Nelson North Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations and Maintenance

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Project title
Nelson North Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations and Maintenance

Nelson City Council


Ongoing operations and maintenance contract for a regional wastewater treatment plant

Project Budget

2008 – present, with sole contract responsibility from 2011

Nelmac operates and maintains the two treatment plants in the Nelson region, one of which is the Nelson North Wastewater Treatment Plant (NNWTP). The Plant has primary screening, a primary clarifier, a trickling filter, one 26ha baffled oxidation pond, two 7ha planted wetlands and a sea outfall.

Nelmac manages the treatment plant to perform within resource consent conditions. We undertake routine maintenance of all plant and equipment including SCADA and are responsible for all operations 24/7, including emergency response. Our team conducts routine maintenance, minor repairs and upgrade projects. Outside the facility, we also manage vegetation control, vermin or pest control, and general exterior building maintenance.

This treatment plant has had a problematic history with respect to odour complaints. Since Nelmac has taken on the full operational contract, we have managed the plant essentially odour free and well within consent requirements. 

Nelmac’s commitment to improve the operation and perception of this treatment plant by working closely with the Client's representatives, the public, and other affected parties to understand the situation was a major contributing factor to the reduction in odour events.