We can help local government optimise their water assets. Our team has cared for and managed city water networks for over 25 years. We know how to inspect and survey water assets and undertake demand management assessments.

3 waters optimisation services

  • Asset inspection
  • Survey services
  • Demand management
  • Pipeline condition surveying
  • Water leakage reduction
  • Backflow prevention
  • Water inflow
  • Wastewater inflow and infiltration reduction
  • Pressure management
  • Water metering and backflow prevention
  • Flow measurement
  • Pipeline survey, inspection, and profiling
  • Water quality improvement programmes
  • Mechanical and electrical condition assessment
  • Project managemement through every stage of the process
  • Liaising with other professionals
  • Manage and meet project budgets

How we add value to your project

With decades of experience maintaining large water assets like plants and pipe networks, our operations team can transfer these skills to any large or small project using specialty capabilities like SCADA.

Our SCADA knowledge is valuable to clients. We monitor and control the flow information, alarm information, and all the data at the central base station for the water network in Nelson. Although we have taken over this contract recently, we know the network through ongoing maintenance and operations work and that means we know how to improve it. Using our SKADA capability, we routinely make those assessments and improvements. This gives us a better operating control system and it has already shown improvements in our Nelson contract.

We can also use our Electrical team to help with anything from installing new pump station systems to installation of treatment plant systems – plus we troubleshoot problems then repair or replace components or systems.

Nelmac’s team understands project management. Our project planning expertise includes project definition and scope, procurement, works and scope management, onsite supervision, change and relocation management, and project release. There’s more to a project than drafting a plan. We understands a client’s desired outcomes and, with our technical knowledge, we can faciliate a successful project from start to finish.