Mitre 10 MEGA Nelson Helping Hands

Privilege to be involved with the Mitre 10 MEGA Nelson Helping Hands to put a bit of life back into the Tahunanui community centre playground. Every little bit counts and it's so awesome to see the community pull together to make these projects come to life. Great work!

One loooong day. What a team. Mitre 10 MEGA Helping Hands at Tahunanui Community Centre. We painted and built and gardened till we dropped. 7am till 7pm. What an amazing bunch of people. Still a wee way to go. Kevin, Vaughn, Steve, Nick, Amber, Adrian, Leann, Sophie, Kaye, excellent work. Bryan Hemi turned up from Nelmac to pitch in and Vern Walker came down for moral support as well- saw the mighty Holden Colorado towing 2.7 tonne of tractor and trailer - it just ate it- best all round contractors ute around. Still got a massive bark mountain to move!!! If you're good on a rake or barrow we could do with you tomorrow!!!