Kūmānu Brand Launch


Nelmac launches new Kῡmānu Environmental brand and partnership to save the last 5000 kea

To celebrate the launch of Nelmac’s new Kῡmānu EnvironmentalTM brand, Nelmac announced a partnership with the Department of Conservation (DOC) and the Kea Conservation Trust (KCT) to help protect New Zealand’s endangered kea, the world’s only mountain parrot.

The partnership kicks off with a commitment by Nelmac to provide at least $60,000 of financial and in-kind support to KCT and DOC’s kea recovery initiatives over the next three years. Nelmac’s support will focus on lead removal from DOC buildings in kea habitat in Tasman, kea surveys, KCT’s community conflict resolution program and supporting KCT’s general operational costs.

DOC Motueka Operations Manager Chris Golding says DOC welcomes this partnership with Kūmānu Environmental and the Kea Conservation Trust to support kea.

“Working in collaborative partnerships with business, iwi and community groups provides valuable support for protecting threatened native species.

Kea chew on the lead nails and flashing because it is soft and easy to access and to them it tastes sweet. It accumulates in the body and causes brain damage, organ failure and various other physiological problems. Many kea that have ingested lead eventually die as a direct result of ingesting the toxic heavy metal.”

Andrea Goodman, Community Engagement Co-Ordinator for the Kea Conservation Trust says, “Our partnership with Nelmac builds on the strong relationship we have with the Department of Conservation. It is fantastic to have business support for conservation. Locally, Nelmac is a perfect fit for the Kea Conservation Trust, with kea being an iconic presence in the Nelson-Tasman region.”

The kea recovery partnership announcement coincides with Nelmac’s launch of the new brand, Kῡmānu Environmental, for its Conservation and Landscape Architecture services.

For over two decades, Nelmac has enhanced the wellbeing of New Zealand communities by providing environmental asset management services in the areas of Recreation, Three Waters and Conservation, as well as professional services in Landscape Architecture and Ecology.

Nelmac’s CEO, Jane Sheard says, “Kῡmānu, which means ‘to nurture, care for and cherish,’ perfectly embodies the work that Nelmac and our conservation partners do to protect, restore and sustain New Zealand’s precious nature. Without the work we all do to nurture mother nature, mother nature cannot nurture human nature.

We are proud to embark on the partnership with the Department of Conservation and the Kea Conservation Trust to help increase awareness of and contribute to the urgent need to save the last 5000 kea and restore their numbers.”

She added, “The launch of the Kῡmānu brand reaffirms and showcases Nelmac’s commitment to this important work, especially in light of the accelerating pace and impacts of climate change and other threats to all species, including our own.”

The Kῡmānu Environmental™ brand encompasses:

  • The Kῡmānu Conservation team’s work to care for New Zealand’s nature, through services such as management of local conservation reserves, construction of major tracks & trails, biosecurity, native nursery and ecological advisory services.

  • The Kῡmānu Landscape Architecture team’s work to design public and private spaces that bring people and nature together in a beautiful and environmentally sustainable way.

Nelmac’s Water and Recreation services, which focus on serving the community’s “built” environment, will continue to operate under the Nelmac brand. Nelmac’s waste management services will continue to operate under the Betta-Bins brand.

A dozen vehicles in Kῡmānu’s fleet, which include Nelmac’s first electric vehicle, will now feature dynamic images to promote kea conservation, as well as trampers and bikers enjoying tracks and trails in New Zealand’s world-class conservation areas.

About Kea Conservation Trust

The Kea Conservation Trust is a charitable entity that formed in 2006 to assist in conservation of wild Kea (Nestor notabilis) in their natural habitat and to increase the husbandry standards and advocacy potential of those Kea held in captive facilities within New Zealand. (www.keaconservation.co.nz)

About the Kea

Kea is a unique parrot species. These sociable and highly intelligent birds are well adapted to their harsh environment in New Zealand. Unfortunately, the traits that kea developed for survival, their curiosity and omnivorous appetite, have created conflict with humans over the last 150 years. For the past millions of years, they are one of three parrot species that evolved in isolation. They serve as alpine seed distributors and are recognised as one of the most intelligent bird species across the world. Persecution and predation have sorely depleted