Nelmac's mechanical and engineering workshop handles light manufacturing and metal work. We can create high quality aluminium and stainless steel products, repair plant or automotive machinery, and manufacture pipe specials and pipe manifolds. Whatever your manufacturing requirement, we have the workshop and team to build it.

Engineering and automotive services

  • Aluminium and stainless steel manufacturing
  • Manufacturing and installation of pipe specials and pipe manifolds
  • Fabrication and installation of park furniture including seating and bollards
  • Fabrication and installation of balustrades and accessibility handrails
  • Sculpture installation
  • Bridge construction
  • Design and installation of pump refits
  • Welding
  • Repairs to equipment and machinery
  • Repairs and maintenance for large trucks and small fleet vehicles
  • Mechanical and electrical condition assessment

Our fully-equipped modern workshop and certified tradespeople means we can offer our clients  a wide range of engineering services. Our engineers work collaboratively with our project delivery teams and clients to design and manufacture customised solutions. This includes assembling made-to-order parts to replace hard-to-find or obsolete parts, and proposing repairs and improvements to extend asset life, for example by reducing wear and tear.

Our automotive engineers maintain and customise large truck / vehicle fleets and specialised equipment ranging from refuse trucks, excavators and mowers, to chainsaws, grinders and weedeaters. This team plays a key role in supporting the delivery of Nelmac's long-term facilities maintenance contracts by maintaining and repairing our plant, equipment and vehicles.