Nelmac has a mechanical workshop and an engineering workshop that handles light manufacturing and metal work to create high quality aluminium and stainless steel products or repair plant or automotive machinery or manufacture pipe specials and pipemanifolds. Whatever your manufacturing requirement, we have the workshop and team to build it.

Engineering and automotive services

  • Metal manufacturing
  • Manufacturing and installation of pipe specials and pipe manifolds
  • Maintenance plans to care for buildings
  • Steps and retaining walls
  • Outdoor parks seating and bollards
  • Sculpture installation
  • Bridge construction
  • Balustrates and accessibility handrails
  • Design and installation of pump refits
  • Repairs to plant and machinery
  • Welding
  • Repairs to all plant machinery
  • Repairs and maintenance for large trucks and small fleet vehicles
  • Mechanical and electrical condition assessment
  • Manage and meet project budgets

How we add value to your project

Nelmac uses the latest technology and is ISO 9001:2000 accredited.

Our certified tradespeople maintain and work each day within fully equipped workshops designing solutions, building them, testing them, and installing them for our customers. Whether it’s hand railing or steel framework for timber pontoons at the Nelson Marina or steel specials for traffic control work, our team can create a sophisticated engineering solution for your building requirement.  

Nelmac manages the Nelson North Wastewater Treatment Plant and they have complicated requirements from large steel tanks that need to be renovated or rehabilitated periodically to the pumps and aerators with screens and motors and moving parts that wear and require replacement.

In addition, Nelmac operates other large facilities for local government including the Nelson Marina, the Tasman District Council refuse transfer station, and the Nelson City Council’s Crematorium. Many machines at these facilities have parts that are not found on shelves and have to be built from scratch. Our engineers design solutions to extend their lives.

This large scale work is extended to automotive solutions as well, where we maintain and improve large truck and vehicle fleets as well as motored equipment, such as refuse trucks, vehicles, excavators, mowers, chainsaws, and grinders.