Nelmac has operated and managed facilities and assets through contract management services to local government for nearly two decades. Our successful performance operating these facillities efficiently, maintaining equipment, and cost-effectively renovating machinery, has earned us two new contracts in recent years, the Nelson Marina and the Nelson City Council Crematorium, as well as the building maintenance contract for a portfolio of nine Nelson City Council buildings including Civic House (Council main office), community halls, and sports pavilions.

Facilities management services

  • Lease / rent management
  • Proactive maintenance schedule
  • Reactive maintenance / issues management
  • 24/7 response to issues
  • Trade services including building and carpentry, light engineering
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Legislative compliance
  • Subcontract management
  • Condition assessment
  • Life-cycle costing
  • Special investigations and troubleshooting
  • Refurbishments
  • Project managemement on-site
  • Liaising with other professionals
  • Manage and meet facilities budgets

How we add value to your project

We manage large and small facilities using an integrated approach that generates cost savings and business efficiencies. For more than 20 years Nelmac has looked after the building maintenance for various Nelson City Council facilities. Our team provides a comprehensive service and we have met or exceeded expectations on contracts deliverables.

In Nelson we operate and maintain two wastewater treatment plants and we are pleased to say that we have always exceeded minimum requirements for effluent quality standards well within consent requirements.

Over the years Nelmac have provided thermal imaging of switchboards in dozens of Council facilities, finding numerous faults and irregularities that have caused power outages or serious failures. Nelmac electricians identified these faults and, in many cases, made repairs on the spot, saving the cost of repeat visits and preventing potential failures.

When interaction with the community is part of the job, we take the time to create positive relationships with stakeholders. A project to refurbishing many units in the Orchard Street residential community housing area caused an inconvenience to these residents who had to relocate temporarily. We held regular group meetings and kept individuals informed throughout the construction process, and residents were pleased with the overall outcome.

With Nelmac’s experience with facilities management, we naturally understand project management. Our project planning expertise includes project definition and scope, procurement, works and scope management, onsite supervision, change and relocation management, and project release. There’s more to a project than drafting a plan. We understands a client’s desired outcomes and, with our technical knowledge, we can faciliate a successful project from start to finish. Plus, we have an amazing team of professionals to call on to complete any job, whether it's landscape architects or 3 Waters technicians or electrical automation engineers.