Wangapeka blue duck (whio) Security Site

The client’s objective was to protect breeding pairs of blue duck (whio) throughout the Wangapeka, Fyfe, and Loadstone catchment in the Kahurangi National Park from pests such as rats and stoats. Pest traps are placed throughout the catchment and require periodic re-baiting. Nelmac flew in five staff to this remote catchment and they spent three days tramping many hectares to check, clean and re-bait 200 double-box traps. Members of the team must be fit, capable of working alone, and able to navigate through the catchment and make accurate recordings of the protected species. 

Project Title
Wangapeka blue duck (whio) Security site

Departmment of Conservation

Kahurangi National Park

Conservation services for species protection

2013 - 2017

As part of DOC's Whio (Native Blue Duck) Recovery Project, Nelmac's Biosecurity boys cover over 100 k's of wild terrain on foot every month, to manage 54k's of trap line. Professional, committed and feared by stoats everywhere -- these guys are also pretty darn cool.